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Privacy Policy

I despise spam as much as anyone, and, honestly, the careless exchange of info over the Internet these days makes me nervous. I take your privacy as seriously as I take mine--in other words, very seriously.

This page contains my main Privacy Policy. If you want to see my dry, dull, just-to-be-on-the-safe-side GDPR-Compliant Privacy Policy, please click here.

Like most Web sites, mine uses server logs to collect data such as your IP address, the date and time of visits, the pages viewed and for how long, and stuff like that. I’m really not tech-savvy enough to make this data useful for myself, but it’s there if I need it. Server logs do not collect any kind of personally identifying information.

Unlike most Web sites, mine does not use cookies.

If you join my newsletter list, your information will be retained by the e-mail marketing service provider I use (MailChimp; here is MailChimp’s privacy policy). The information you supply will only be used to send you e-mail messages as you gave consent, and you can revoke your consent at any time. I will not sell, rent, lease, or otherwise share your information with anyone (not even my sisters). :) My e-mails will always clearly state whom they are from; you won’t have to wonder, “Is this an e-mail from that author’s list I subscribed to?” At the bottom of every e-mail, you’ll find an easy link to unsubscribe should you wish to end all e-mail communication from me.

If you communicate with me through e-mail (and I hope you will), I may retain the content of your message, along with your e-mail address and my responses. You know, like friends exchanging letters. These messages are retained on the same hosting service that hosts my Web site domain (Hostek.com). E-mail is not considered a secure form of communication; therefore, do not send sensitive information via e-mail.

If you e-mail me about buying a book, I will retain all of the information necessary for tax purposes. Since I’m super-cautious about that sort of thing, I may retain the information for up to seven years.

There is one exception to my strict no-sharing-personal-information policy. I’m a law-abidin’ citizen, folks. If compelled to do so by law or for my legal protection, I will disclose whatever information necessary.

http://darcyfornier.com contains links to other Web sites. Because I find broken links excessively provoking, I try very hard to keep these links working, but I cannot guarantee their accuracy. Just because I link to an external site, or another site links to my Web site, does not mean I endorse the sponsors of those sites or the products or information presented therein.

All content located in and on this Web site shall remain the sole property of me. The use of my content and intellectual property is forbidden without express written consent from me. All written and photographic content on http://darcyfornier.com (with the exception of content directly from another publisher or author) is property of Darcy Fornier and may not be reproduced, sold, rented, used for marketing purposes, or otherwise exploited in any fashion.

You may share the link to a page on this Web site and/or quote portions of the page when it is shared.

I reserve the right to modify this Privacy Policy at any time without notice. But I will not use your information submitted under a previous Policy in a manner inconsistent with that Policy.

If you have further questions about this Privacy Policy, please send me an e-mail at darcy@darcyfornier.com.

You have my respect if you made it through this whole thing. Are you bored to tears yet? :)

Updated October 2018.