D a r c y F o r n i e r

Tales of Truth Triumphant

The Crown and the Axe

A careless mistake. A tale from the past. A journey he'll never forget.

Released on September 12, 2019! Click on the title for the full blurb and fun links.

The Coin and the Staff (working title)

An unworthy regent. A young Crown Prince. A shepherd devoted to the League.

This book is still in the very early stages of the first draft. It takes place roughly 100 years after The Crown and the Axe, and the young prince is named Konrahdt.

no title yet

There's a prince. And his brother. And a maiden fair who is not noble born.

This one's still percolating in my brain. All I can tell you is the prince is named Derik, short for Theoderik. Gonna be fun to see how many times I confuse that with Dierk. :)