D a r c y F o r n i e r

Tales of Truth Triumphant

God's greeting to you, friend.

I write medieval adventure, and I dabble in contemporary romance. I’m honored you’re visiting my Web-home.

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I can’t get enough of good stories. Tales that bring my imagination to vivid life. Places I can’t visit apart from a book. Characters who become friends I want to spend hours with. Adventures that test hearts and prove mettle. Questions of life and beyond that drive me to discern the truth.

My favorite stories have historical settings—knights and swords; cowboys and spurs; Pharaohs and pyramids; Romans and red crests. You get the idea. But I don’t object to a modern setting once in a while.

Most of my favorite stories point to Jesus—because He is my life.

If you like to dissolve yourself in these kinds of tales, I hope you’ll peruse my website as much as you like. If you want to chat about books or writing, you can find my contact info on the “Free Story” page. I’d love to hear from you.

May the Lord be with you.

To live is to die one day; to live well is to die every day.

-Darcy Fornier