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About Me

Darcy Fornier (pronounced forn-yay) believes the best stories provide clean, compelling entertainment while also provoking the reader to think about life in a new way. She’s been spinning stories ever since she learned how to play “pretend,” and she has seriously pursued writing since 2013. When she isn’t writing, editing, or dreaming up a story, you might find her washing dishes, dissolved in a book, playing the piano, hiking in the woods, singing at the top of her lungs, or talking up a storm with her sisters. At six years old, she gave her heart to Jesus, and she lives to know Him more. She makes her home with her parents and two sisters, wherever that happens to be.

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How it started (the long story for nosy people like me):

I wrote my first “story” in a 3x5 composition notebook when I was six. It starred two of my stuffed animals (one of which I still have), and it took up an entire three pages. I don’t know what became of the little notebook, but I remember I was so proud of myself and couldn’t wait to show Mommy.

It’s funny to realize just how big a part stories played in my life because, at the time, I didn’t see it happening. I read voraciously. My English classes, which I loved, included random story-writing projects. I wrote a short story here and there. I day-dreamed once in a while of publishing a book. The stories that meant the most to me I never wrote down; I just told them to myself at night before I went to sleep. But it wasn’t like I thought, “This is my calling. I must write stories!”

In August 2010, I wrote a story that would become the outline of my first novel. (More on that here, if you’re interested.) The writing was the typically awful stuff of a newbie. But I loved the heart of the story.

In 2013, just before I graduated high school, I watched Angel and the Badman for the first time one rainy afternoon. I spent the next two hours flopped across my bed, staring out the window, dreaming up a story premise inspired by that old black-and-white western. And somehow, from that day, I discovered that I wanted to be a writer.

I spent about a year working on the story with little input other than reading other novels comparable to mine. I researched publishing and freaked out about finding an agent. Then I joined ACFW and discovered all I didn’t know about writing style and story structure. It was both exhilarating and exhausting--some of the best fun I know of.

I’ve prayed about it so many times. A professional writer has to be all in, and I needed to know this is what God wanted me to do. In a hundred little ways, He’s assured me this is His will for me right now. Maybe not forever, but for now.

Eventually, I set aside my western story to work on the 2010 story. And it’s become my debut novel. One day, Lord willing, I’ll finish that story that first inspired me to call myself a writer.

Meanwhile, I alternate between praying and stressing as I try to figure out how to be an independent author. And I revel in the joy of writing. Because writing is God’s gift to me, and I couldn’t be more happy to use it.

Other random details:

My pen name Fornier is an altered spelling of a French surname in my family.

My mom read to me before I was born, and my sisters and I were raised on books. So you might say it’s the most natural thing in the world that I’m a writer.

I have a love-hate relationship with computers. As an author, especially an independent author, a computer is indispensable. I also enjoy designing websites, which is still surprising to me. But staring at a screen too long muddles my head and wastes colossal amounts of time.

My favorite color is blue; favorite dessert is ice cream; favorite season is fall.

Other random hobbies include knife throwing, wood burning, just about any craft involving yarn, and driving on curvy mountain roads.

My favorite book of the Bible is Ecclesiates. But my (current) favorite Bible verse is Ezekiel 18:32.

"For I have no pleasure in the death of one who dies," says the Lord GOD. "Therefore turn and live!"

-Ezekiel 18:32 (NKJV)